Copper Urli Hammered

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INDIAN-HANDICRAFTS:-  These Decorative copper fine quality fine HAMMARED URLEY, that is made by in copper sheet total Hand spical hand made handicrafts items. These handicrafts are lightly appreciated in the market due to their various feature such as durability, creativity, contemproray looks and maney more affered hand made are used for home decoration and give a sophisticated look & MUGAL toch to your home. You can call this is mugal arts. you can keep it in your show-case & An ideal gift on any occasions of house-warring,marriage-anyvarsary-gifts, retairment-gifts,corporative-gifts,.......................................


avilable in 6"---40" COPPER POLISH

Item Size
Size 8" - 10" - 12" - 14" - 18" - 22"
Item Weight
Weight 500 gm - 800 gm - 1.200 gm - 2 Kg - 2.500 gm - 3.500 gm

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