4 Bowl without cover

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white metal with glass:- avalabli in red/white/green/pinck/blue/yello.......colors

This is an unique & antiques 4-bowl without cover bowl without Handle design to look stylish/beautifully pot and get traditional,drawing insparation from the day's of Royal tuch when sarving dry fruits, that is made in casting with glass 4-bowls with pasting and silver antiques finish, white metal & glass is pure to bring elegance to your home. This is hand made handicrafted items use it to serve dry-fruits/sweet/dry snakes, or gift it to your dear once to pass on your best wishes, /That is an ideal gift for house-waring & return-gifts,anneversaries,birthday,corporative gifts or wedding gifts............................. 

Item Size
Size 8" X 8"
Item Weight
Weight 600 gm

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