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Shreeyantra the most powerful of all yantras is depicted here in a three dimension form or Meruprushtha. This divine yantra is shaped out of beautiful alloy of metals. The Yantra provides holistic development of people in their physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The yantra bestows prosperity and brings in harmony and peace in the households it dwells. Buy this most revered Meruprushtha Yantra made in Brass with Golden finish and brings success to all your endeavors. Tortoise with Plate Oxidized Metal Glass is best item for vastu at home and office. Pour water inside plate and keep it remove bad energy. size 14 x 14 x 3 cm , weight 235 grams. The tortoise is best placed in the north or at the back portion of the premise or home to promise a good career. It can be placed in your garden as well as an emblem of good health and longevity. Tortoise produces wonderful results to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck Quality of the product and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Tortoise has great significance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. Tortoise has a long life and hence it denotes Long life. The Turtoise or the Kachua represents the maximum age and longevity, stability, determination and will power Metal Turtle works as an aid in feng shui as it has power to balance and harmonize the environment around us. Metal Turtle helps in removing negative energy around us

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